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Personal Chef Services

Personal Chef Services

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Our Professional Chef is available to be part of you Private Dinner.

Enjoy a high quality dinner and flavors at your home or special place you dream about. 

We have 3 services options available for you.

Menu to be discuss.

1- JUST COOK AND SERVE - this option is for cook all the ingredients you purchased and created a dinner up to 10 persons. Included services at home, cooking and cleaning the kitchen after cooking.
Service are Buffet Style or Family Dinner.

Cost is $300 per hour with a minimum of 3 hours. Included a Server and a Chef. Tips not included.


2- Everything you need - our chef can create a special menu for the family. We purchased everything we need for the dinner, we cook at home and after dinner we clean all the pots, pans and the kitchen. Services is buffet style. Minimum of 10 persons. Included a Server and a Chef. 

Cost is from $200 per person (depends on menu). Tips not included. 


3- Four Course Dinner - This option is to enjoy with your family sit at the table like a restaurant. Everything is going to be serve individual. Well decorated Appetizer, Two main dishes and a Dessert. Menu to be discuss. Minimum of 6 person. Included Two Servers and a Chef.

Cost $200 per person on a regular dinner. We can created a fine dinning experience if you want to. Price to be discuss according to menu. Tips not included. 


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