Executive Chef Luis Vazquez

Luis Vázquez Soto was born on July 18, 1977 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. As young as 15, he was exposed for the first time to the culinary world by his mother who was the administrator of a small kitchen. He was
eager to learn, taste and try out new things, and quickly fell in love with the kitchen.

While studying business administration, he started working as a server and skillfully managed his way into
the kitchen as an expediter. Vázquez would not settle and began working on ideas to develop a business
of his own. However, considering it was still premature, he also worked as restaurant manager to continue
learning about this business’s administration.

In 2001 he opened his own catering business. He rented a commercial kitchen where he further developed his skills and culinary talents. After 15 years of serving thousands of guests and managing from logistics to amazing presentations, he began the construction of his own establishment.

When Puerto Rico was struck by the devastation of hurricane María in 2017, many businesses went
bankrupt. However, Vázquez saw an opportunity to help people and maintain his business at the same
time and began serving food to go.

The expert preparation of his plates and great taste quickly earned him clientele. In less than a year, the taste, technique, and overall experience of his restaurant caused commotion and awe in the culinary world.However, due to the world pandemic, the restaurant had to be temporarily closed.

Displaying great resilience and will to move forward, once again he adapted to continue serving his clients and further his business without compromising on the high standards of quality and service that characterizes his endeavors.

Along his partner, his brother Carlos Vázquez, he opened a boutique butcher shop called El  Ático Mercado de Carnes. At this shop they only serve high-quality meats, exquisite side dishes and all the utensils or utility needed to create the dinner of your dreams at the comfort of your home, yacht or stay.

Vázquez has been interviewed in several radio, tv and, most recently, online streaming programs and his
businesses have been recognized and highlighted by culinary experts and multiple entities that evaluate
the culinary businesses. He has also been producing videos and short clips both personally and commercially to educate on how to prepare certain meals.

Currently, El Granero is rated among the best restaurants in San Juan and has been awarded several recognitions among the industry. El Ático Mercado de Carnes is considered to serve only high quality and unique products in Puerto Rico also having an impeccable service.

His unsettling nature, hard work, charisma, and his drive to conquer the culinary world continually
creating delicacies full of taste and great technique, have been without doubt the secrets to his non
stopping success. Today, he owns two commercial kitchens and is currently engaged in the opening of
another butcher shop to facilitate the acquisition of these delicacies to farther areas in Puerto Rico and in
the reopening of his acclaimed restaurant El Granero Steakhouse.