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Meat Boss Beef Tallow

Meat Boss Beef Tallow

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Meat Boss Beef Tallow

14oz Jar Keto Friendly, Gluten Free, No Preservative

100% Natural. 

Our premium beef fat melt to perfection and impurities removed. 

Perfect for cook or fried steak, chicken, pork, grilling, vegetables and more. 

Beef tallow has an incredibly high smoke point. As a result, it doesn't easily break down when exposed to heat, making it ideal for high-heat uses such as frying potatoes or searing meat. Its rich flavor also makes it great for adding depth to dishes like soups or even gravy. And unlike other fats that can get rancid quickly, beef tallow stays fresh much longer when stored correctly. 

For those looking to experiment with flavoring their recipes or trying out traditional cooking methods, beef tallow may be your new go-to ingredient!

Tallow, a type of animal fat found primarily in beef and sheep, is surprisingly beneficial when consumed in moderation. In addition, its high concentration of essential vitamins makes it especially good for consumption.


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